Another Day in the Sun

Kathy McCarty’s highly acclaimed album of durable hits including Summer Country, Raining, Oh Brother, Paler than Champagne, and of course, that stirring ode to disappointment, Another Day in the Sun.

“All hits, all the time!” – The Austin Chronicle

“I was playing Another Day in the Sun today. I really love that record, and I wanted to thank you for making it.” – Robert B Dittrich

“Some songs recall Glass Eye’s art-rock explosiveness and McCarty’s lyrical acuity remains intact. But there is also an open, folksy quality too, that lends her work uncommon depth and staying power.”–Jeff McCord, Texas Monthly

“The release of this album is a significant event! FIVE STARS”- Jim Caliguri

“Just got it! I am listening to it now again, and it BLEW MY FREAKIN MIND!!! What the hell?? I cannot believe how good this album is, right off the bat with Obelisk through Skylarking which had me crying, it’s so beautiful! Why isn’t this album more well known?” – John Trapp

“You GIVE and you GIVE and you GIVE!” – Michael Corcoran

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