I am Playing the Austin Music Awards!

THe Austin Music Awards are going to be at the Moody Theater on March 11th which I blelieve IS A WEDNESDAY, and I AM GOING TO BE PLAYING A SONG!! RICH BROTHERTON is going to play with me and its going to BE GREAT and also A BIG SURPRISE!!!

The Austin Music Awards People LIKED THIS PHOTO OF ME! They used it ON THEIR POSTER!

I am VERY PLEASED that they asked me to PLAY at the AWARDS!! Rich Brotherton and I are going to be SUPER FABULOUS!!!


In FACT, I have been making a record ever since APRIL! But other than the dozens of incredibly high status Austin luminaries for whom I have played my hit song RED CANYON WALLS, no one has heard it yet.

This will all change shortly however, when I start hitting everyone up for money I mean ENGAGING IN CROWDFUNDING, which I will be doing as soon as I figure out HOW to INSPIRE OTHERS.

I figure I will do this by making everyone listen to MY HIT SONG and then they will be SO INCREDIBLY MOVED EMOTIONALLY that they will start taking their wallets out of their pants and throwing them at me and saying “TAKE ALL MY MONEY!! ALL OF IT!!”

So far these are the people who have been recording it with me: (mostly of course) Brian Beattie, Rich Brotherton, and Dony Wynn, and soon Jon Greene and Jon Dee Graham! And I am also thinking about asking Kris Nelson and Jamie Harris and Seela Misra and Bonnie Whitmore.