Formerly of Glass Eye. Premier interpreter of Daniel Johnston on the album Dead Dog’s Eyeball. Maker of the album Another Day in the Sun. Writer of the hit song  Red Canyon Walls.

Dead Dog’s Eyeball

Released in 1996 on Bar None Records, Dead Dog’s Eyeball: The Songs of Daniel Johnston remains the premier (and America’s most beloved) Daniel Johnston cover album.

NEWLY RELEASED ON VINYL AS A DELUXE DOUBLE ALBUM, it has been newly remastered from the original tapes by the legendary Joe Gastwirt. The gorgeous gatefold heavy cardboard cover was graphically designed by Ron Marks (formerly of the band Texas Instruments.) In addition to all the songs on the 1996 version, this double album now contains the live version of THE CREAURE as well as the additional tracks WORRIED SHOES, LOVE WHEEL, and IT’S OVER from the EP “Sorry Entertainer.” It is now AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE at the RexyRex Records website, for that is the fine record label that has sunk a small fortune into its production.

Glass Eye

Glass Eye was an Austin, Texas based band that played original, durable rock music. Formed by Brian Beattie, Kathy McCarty, Stella Weir and Scott Marcus in 1983, their initial release Marlo (1985) and sophomore release HUGE (1986) brought the group to regional and national attention. Between 1986 and 1988, Sheri Lane and Dave Cameron replaced Weir and Marcus, during which time the band recorded Bent By Nature (1987). Then Marcus and Weir rejoined the band and the original foursome went on to record Hello Young Lovers (1989) and the posthumously released Every Woman’s Fantasy (2005). Glass Eye disbanded in 1993, after delighting tens of thousands of discerning fans across the United States for an entire decade.

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Now that it has been a few weeks since I fulfilled all my KICKSTARTER BONUSES (I thought Kickstarter backers should get the LP Remastered Deluxe DEAD DOG’S EYEBALL on VINYL well ahead of everyone else, I figured) I have FINALLY scheduled a Grand Release to the Public!

So ALL OF A SUDDEN, I have an In-store on Thursday August 4th at WATERLOO RECORDS at 5 PM, an in-store at LOVE WHEEL RECORDS on Friday the 5th at 6:30 PM, and a SHOW at THE LEGENDARY CONTINENTAL CLUB on Saturday night August 6th at 8 PM!!

And, I am in the studio all week mixing APOTHEOSIS, my new HIT record.

For those of you who do not live in Austin, the vinyl LP and also a CD version can be purchased at the RexyRex Records website:



SO MANY SHOWS! I wish there were something like a CALENDAR that I could insert so that I could show you all my upcoming shows THAT way!! But as it is, I shall just have to LIST THEM. Monday March 14: I will be appearing at Mike Hall’s THE SWOLLEN CIRCUS at C-BOYS. I believe …